Saturday, August 6, 2011

Once More with Feeling

I often have to stop and ask myself, "How did I get to this point in my life? How have things come to this?"
I think I have the answer: by going against my gut instincts, of course. I have repeatedly screwed myself over by listening to the mainstream, and going along. Not right away, of course. Oh noooo -- that would be much too easy and painless. At first, I've always at least tried to stick to my guns. Just long enough to make a good fight of it, inflict a fabulous array of wounds on myself and others, and then gone along against my better judgment.

Of course, coming from the South, it's kind of expected. Everyone in a small Southern town simply must conform, dontcha know? I have never in my life been met with such a paradoxical creature as the dwellers of small Southern towns. The kind, oh-so-Christian ladies who will bring you a casserole when there's a death or illness in the family will viciously tear you, and your entire life, to shreds if they sense that you are different. I've yet to figure out just how this dichotomy operates, exactly, but I do have some theories.... more later....


  1. I feel for you. I myself am lucky I grew up with open minded parents in an open minded enviroment. I can't imagine what you go though but I do wanna hear more on the subject. And yes going against those ways will lead to a happy loving existence!

  2. nice blog dude, keep it up!

  3. Most of the regrets I have are products of me going after my gut. :S

    Following, mate! :)

  4. It's never too late to change and turn things around, hang in there.

  5. Got me hooked now, I'm interested to hear more on the subject. It's strange how differently people treat you depending on whether they view you as an extension of themselves or not.

  6. yeah, im a christian, and people at my work always act like christians shove their religion in their face.
    but when i said i was a christian, i was met with a chorus of "god doesnt exist" or "gods stupid"

    i was like, geez, i thought christians were supposed to be the abrasive ones. people are weird

  7. i guess we shouldn't think this way, since every mistake is a lesson, make sure you learn from YOUR OWN mistakes.

    Don't mind dumb people that doesn't respect you, whoever they might be.