Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home Again, Home Again....

It's really true -- there's no place like home.
I started this blog while on a sort of vacation, which is why it's been a bit spotty with me getting new posts out.
Well, "vacation" may be a bit too strong a word for it. The wife and I took our two kids out of town to visit my wife's best friend and her 3 rug rats for several days, and while vacations should be relaxing, this was anything but. As you could probably surmise from the forgoing description.
Now, it should have been relaxing, as my wife's friend has a huge home in the country, complete with jacuzzi tubs in every bedroom. Instead, it was a 5 day marathon of teens and pre-teens watching the #$%! Disney Channel for hours on end in the living room, the 12-foot plasma screen (okay, so I exaggerate a bit) blaring at top volume the pablum-pop of the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, and various other spawn of His Infernal Majesty.
And did you know that if Jacuzzi bathtubs aren't used often, the water which accumulates in the jets will breed algae, resulting in a mungy brown foam which makes one think they may be bathing in beef stew? Me either. You live, you learn.  (By the way-- household tip #312: Run your tub full of hot water, add 1/2 cup of white vinegar, jets on full for 15 minutes, drain, repeat with cold water/ no vinegar, all clean).
So, after the aforementioned cleaning of the jets (sounds vaguely ritualistic) and learning to keep to the guest room during Disney viewing hours, things did improve and become a bit more relaxing. But how to entertain oneself? This is where the true horror comes in, as I must regretfully confess to having indulged in a vice so sickening as to mark me a social pariah forever more. I have descended into the turgid abyss of World of Warcraft.
That's right. A 5-day vacation, and what've I got to show? A Jonas-scarred psyche and a level 20 Druid.
Come at me, bro.


  1. hahaha only lvl20 after 5 days? thats inexcusable :P +followed!

  2. Haha oh man! About the equivalent of watching tv the whole time though. You shoulda kicked the kids out and plugged the computer into the massive tv. Then it would have been a REAL vacation!

  3. lol it does sound good to be home :)

  4. Disney all the time? Don't sound like a vacation to me!

  5. Yaaaay disney channel! What could be better than that? They have such great misadventures and comic coincidences! Yeah okay maybe not so great...

  6. LOL, turned to WoW i see. well, boredom gets the best of us all at one point. +Following.

  7. I've always needed a few days off following a vacation, just to recover, no matter how relaxing or taxing it had been.

  8. Welcome back, my friend!

  9. Didn't know that about jaccuzis. Yuck!